Bracing Options

There are many options regarding bracing for your child in the first years.  There are very few options for adults.


Bracing considerations should include foot type, size, shape, level of correction, underlying conditions & clubfoot type.

There are no "one size fits all" due to the multitude of factors playing into the condition.  It is not uncommon for parents to try more than one bar or configuration in the search for a tolerable solution.

DTKafo by Cunningham Prosthetics
French Functional
Manual Foot Manipulation with Kinesio taping
Custom Dafo's used by B DuBois 27 Oct 2014
DAFO by Cascade
Dobbs Spring Assist
Boots and AFO capable
ADM by H Airzee
Kinesio taping by M NeFrei
Most popular Shoe for Bars
Alpha Flex bar and shoes
Mitchel Ponseti combination
Most common configuration for Ponseti bar
Momentum Offloading Brace
Exosym (Adult only)
Exosym brace by Hanger Orthotics
Ritchie Brace
Offloading Brace for Adult Patients
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