How To Donate


All donation funds will be used directly according to the mission and goals of the Clubfoot Research Foundation. Less than 3% of all funding will be allocated to administrative charges where possible.  The minimum donation that Paypal will accept is $10.  If you cannot afford this amount, try to buddy with someone else or family members or use our Facebook page to donate where $1 is possible.


Research projects that we fund will be voted on by our members on the Clubfoot Research Foundation. Make sure to join our Facebook page to make your vote count. 

Donate Funds


A large number of employers may double or triple your donation.  Contact your HR department  to inquire about your companies matching programs. Remember to inform your employer when you make a donation to us.

Double Your Donation

If you would like to host an event and raise funds for us, please contact us via email at All events must be coordinated with us. 

Volunteer logs will be kept for all volunteers.  Be sure to log your hours and let us know your arrival and departure times at events.  Some employers allow you to report any volunteer hours to them as well. 

Donate Time