Meet the Team

Meet the people who are the backbone of this non-profit. They are truly dedicated to the core mission of the Clubfoot Research Foundation.

Board of Directors

A. van Rooyen

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CEO and Founder of the Clubfoot Research Forum.  She holds a 5 Star MBA with a double specialization in Corporate Governance and Ethics.  Wide interest and experience in research topics, accomplished writer and analyst. Holds various Educational accomplishment including a Non-Profit Management Certification. She also completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Law and Financial Analysis in 2003.


M. McElwain

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Inhouse DTKAFO specialist and co-founder of the Clubfoot Research Forum/Foundation.  Manager of a large portfolio of social media forums

J. Ward Tremblay

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Co-Founder and IT Security Manager of the Clubfoot Research Forum/Foundation

Medical Advisory Board 

Prof. M. Dobbs

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Dr. Dobbs specializes in the treatment of pediatric spine and foot deformities. He is nationally recognized for his skill at treating all pediatric foot disorders, including the use of the Ponseti method of clubfoot correction, as well as for a minimally invasive approach toward the treatment of congenital vertical talus. Additional clinical interests include the surgical management of scoliosis, limb length discrepancies, and the treatment of pediatric orthopedic trauma. Dr. Dobbs is consistently recognized in "The Best Doctors in America" list. Dr Dobbs has been actively involved in the Clubfoot Research Forum since 2010 and provides strong medical know-how and guidance to the board. St Louis is also a leader in Spina Bifida surgery, a co-morbid condition to Clubfoot

PHD. S Stott

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 Shannon Stott earned a BS (University of New Hampshire), MS (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign), and PhD (Georgia Tech) in Mechanical Engineering.   The Stott laboratory at the MGH Center for Cancer is comprised of bioengineers and chemists who are focused on translating technological advances to relevant applications in clinical medicine.   A former postdoctoral fellow in Mehmet Toner’s lab, Shannon has furthered her interests in using microfluidics and imaging technologies to create tools that increase understanding of cancer biology and of the metastatic process. She has been actively involved with the Clubfoot Research Forum since 2010 and provides the board with valuable guidance and knowledge

PHD. L. Walters

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Dr Lorna McHattie worked for many years in Training and Development provision within the Volunteer Social Care sector.   She undertook a PHD in Public Health graduating in 2005.  She joined the University in 2006 as a lecturer within the School of Pharmacy and Life Sciences.