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The Clubfoot Research Foundation is a Grassroots initiative with the aim to improve

outcomes for CTEV and its Co-morbid Disorders. This goal is captured in our logo with the slogan, “Changing the Future”.


We initially worked to jumpstart research in the CTEV arena the past 14 years as education in this arena was found to be still dormant.


We then became a patient-led resource in gathering data to create improved educational resources for patient families and other stakeholders touched by CTEV. 


This effort led to an improved understanding of the disorder and new discoveries that will be introduced in the education series in development - hopefully inspiring improved therapy delivery for all patients. 

To do this we continuously identify and share research gaps with Universities, researchers, even government entities such as the CDC and National Health Care Systems and Institutions, and work to inspire designers such as orthotic companies and engineering students.


We also inspire other non-profit organizations to further their understanding and analysis of research as they follow our work on social media and the research topics we created to understand the research.


Our education efforts ensure that patients and caretakers develop a better understanding of their diagnosis and therapy options available as we provide a comprehensive list of resources that includes all therapy options through our country and state groups on social media.

For the future of CTEV and with the knowledge we have procured the education in this arena needs to be restructured as we encountered incomplete detail in current frameworks.


To assist further education we are developing new contributions that will improve the understanding of not only CTEV but Co-Morbid disorders also. 

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