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Genetic Education for CTEV  
We aid even to physician practices and of course patient families. The knowledge has been physician verified and validated scientific literature backs up the insights we provide. The insights gathered is helping us currently designing new education ​  


Analysis of Scientific Literature for Research Projects 
We have worked with students and orthotic companies or other businesses from the USA, Scotland, Singapore, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Switzerland, Eastern Europe, Africa, and many more to improve the quality of studies or projects students are considering. The most recent beneficiary is Bucknell University in Pennsylvania in 2024. 


See our blog for innovative thought-provoking articles - you can write for us as well. Submit your articles to to be considered for publication.


Physician Referrals​ 
We have the most detailed referrals that includes all therapy options that affects the CTEV patient population.  Please note that product sellers may replicate our efforts and may provide misinformation about their insights and sometimes provide incomplete information or advice that may affect outcomes - ask us for details in our groups on the site and for detailed explanations if you do not understand the content that seems similar on other sites. We do not practice blind referrals.

Orthotic and Shoe Education  
This education initially provided by Mr. N. Bumbo in the CTEV arena since 1980 were expanded by the CRF to include many more scenarios we discovered since 2011 through data mining and feedback - the compilation has always been the work of the CRF.   ​

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