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     Various expressions of medically related information, analysis and/or reasoning may be provided through the CRF.Org and may be used by End User. While such medical information provided by the CRF.Org may enhance the quality of clinical reasoning and may provide useful information for quality improvement and quality assurance, it is not a substitute for the professional judgment of a clinician or administrator and in no event should any such information be used as the sole or primary basis for clinical decision-making or clinical reasoning. The CRF.Org do not provide medical advice, diagnoses or recommendations about medical treatment, and do not recommend or endorse any products, actions or information for any particular circumstances. End User shall be solely responsible for assuring appropriate use by its Authorized Users of all medical information provided through the CRF.Org websites and social media communication channels and for communicating the content of this Section to its Authorized Users and any other personnel who may have access to the medical information provided through the CRF.Org. This information is provided to you in kind and should not be mistaken for medical advice at any point. Please discuss your personal situation with your medical provider.

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