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     We collected shoe brands dating back to 1980 when Notty Bumbo, a Pedorthist and adult CTEV patient started to explore options for CTEV Adult Patients. Our list today includes brands that provide for Kids to Adult patients often and consistently. Successful shoes equal successful brace wear. The wrong shoes can cause blistering, pressure sores, discomfort, pain and swelling. We only included brands that can open to accommodate braces such as SMO’s, AFO’s, Kafo’s or the Exosym Brace. We only placed brands that provide XW to XXXW sizes or extraordinary wide sizes. There are many brands of shoes that uses the same foot base, called a Vibram Sole. This is often seen across Merrell, Altra, Keen brands. This sole reduces impact and therefore is a viable purchase no matter the brand of shoe. Where possible we included specialist insoles, socks and shoes used for medical reasons.

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