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Help the CRF in expanding necessary research efforts to further develop new knowledge and therapies into CTEV/Clubfoot.

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What is Clubfoot (CTEV)

- Most common Musculoskeletal Birth Defect. 1 in 1,000 to 1 in 250

- Male / Female Ratio Approximately 2:1

- About 50% Of Cases Are Bilateral

- Genetic Causes, PITX1 for example

Cited from Ortho Bullets, Click Here To Go To Cited Website



Who We Are

- The Clubfoot Research Foundation became a 501c3 non-profit in 2016.

- We provide assistance and support to approximately 14000 patient members globally in our social media support groups.

- Monthly we answer between 700 to 900 questions and provide access to specialized physicians for patients with complex presentations.

- In 2021 and 2022, we advocated with the government to increase research for CTEV successfully.

Who Have We Helped

Taltenero  (2020)

Met the folks at this non-profit online and what a great bunch of folks they are. I spoke to several of them about brace options, after experiencing problems in the standard and they provided information without expectation which turned out to be absolutely accurate after I had discussions with several orthotists! We are now using a product that works and our lives changed for the better! These guys know their stuff and we will forever be thankful!

Writer (Review)  (2018)

We were on the verge of divorce and a complete family breakdown when we discovered this group. Malpractice and a complete treatment disaster that was put on our shoulders to carry. When we learned more by studying this group and basically were provided with a logical, sensible and high quality education everything turned around for us. We found more resources here than anywhere else. They offer life changing knowledge every Talipes family should receive before treatments start


Catriona M. (2021)

My daughter was born in 2017 with bilateral clubfoot. An, from the Clubfoot Research Foundation, has been unrelenting in her support of me, our journey, and pursuit of better treatment for all affected by clubfoot. She responds, comprehensively and thoughtfully, incredibly quickly. The Clubfoot Research Foundation is one of the few resources for people to share stories, research and support. My daughter has a very complex case of clubfoot and it can feel a very lonely journey, with very few clear paths. Having the support of the Clubfoot Research Foundation has been invaluable. Thank you x

Sean S.2 (2019)

I am 37 yrs old and have dealt with various doctors and medical practitioners for years. I was to a point where I could either have my lower limbs removed or live in excruciating pain for the rest of my life. Until I found CRF, or rather they found me. Not knowing exactly what is going on in your body is scary, and I have spent a number of years treating symptoms, wondering if any of it would even help. Since meeting the staff at CRF I have found a new hope in not only working towards answers for my club feet but also other medical issues in my life. These people are truly amazing in their work, care and understanding of what my life is like and in helping me. If I could give them all the money in the world to continue their research and outreach to all of us who share this debilitating ailment...I would without hesitation many times over. I can not express my gratitude and admiration into enough words to show how much they truly mean to me and in my life. If more people would get involved with CRF and listen, we might be closer to answers that actually work for us all.

What People Are Saying

CFmomandrn (2019)

CRF is one of a kind doing the legwork of a university research dept, only more efficiently and with more conviction! I applaud their work and dedication!

Client Served (2020)

As an adult living with CTEV and someone who experienced and researched all information on the internet, I am very happy to provide this non-profit with a review. From all websites, blogs and groups I have researched their information seem to be the original quality education on this subject matter dating back to 2013. They reported issues long before literature captured it and they still provide an objective and quality analysis of research. Simply put their education to both patients, medical professionals and businesses are the BEST! They are delightfully honest and compassionate about helping knowledge move forward and they improve the understanding and interpretation of medical professionals who were let down in their education. I will keep providing you all with a review as it is not often that a non-profit provide such quality information to patients and in such detail all for free. You have helped me access treatments I did not know existed that did not show up in my research and searches. The options you all provide to patients to explore are awesome!

Notty Bumbo (2019)

In just the last 2 years alone, Clubfoot Research Foundation has made significant inroads into educating the general pblic AND medical professionals on the truth about living with club feet. I am thrilled to see the committment from this organization maintain an upward trajectory, reaching out to people around the world to build a real base to promote serious research into this life-long condition. Thank them for their excellent work!

To see other reviews, click here.

What Are We Doing

Listed below are the fund areas that we are working on to further research, educate and advocate medical professionals and patients. These funds are where your donations go to help support the CRF to further the research and support those afflicted by CTEV (Clubfoot).

FUND: Research- Collect all types of data on all aspects of CTEV to publish, fund studies, educate and advocate for all medical professionals and patients afflicted by CTEV.

FUND: Educate- Take the data we have collected and pass it on to the medical establishment and patients to help better the knowledge and outcomes of those afflicted by CTEV

FUND: Advocacy- Utilize the data to help those afflicted by CTEV find medical care, therapies and additional knowledge to allow  the patient the best possible outcome.

FUND: Fundraising- To bring in additional income to support our research, education and advocacy efforts in addition to supporting Clubfoot Research Foundation’s business and administration costs.

FUND: Office & Administration- All expenses outside the mission of the non-profit.




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